Prince Ned Nwoko born Chinedu Nwoko on December 21, 1960, into the Nwoko royal family of Idumuje Ugboko Kingdom in Aniocha North Local Government Area of Delta State is an astute business mogul, philanthropist cum politician. His ability to combine business development with technical applications has made him remarkably successful.   

Early Life, Education, and Career

His early education was in Nigeria; Ned Nwoko completed his primary and secondary school education in Aniocha, Delta State in the south southern part of Nigeria, obtained both his First School Leaving Certificate and West African Senior School Certificate. After completing his primary and secondary education, he moved to the United Kingdom. He proceeded to the University of Keele, Staffordshire UK, and got his first degree in law and history. He also attended King’s College London, culminating in a post-graduate class with an LLM in Maritime and Commercial law. Nwoko was subsequently called to the English bar, at Lincoln’s Inn. He also attended the Commonwealth University College in Belize, United Kingdom, and obtained his honorary Doctorate Degree in Law. He also received an Honorary Doctorate in Science by the Federal University of Petroleum Resources Effurun FUPRE, Delta state.

Nwoko began his legal career as a prosecutor for the crown and qualified as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales. He worked at Kumars Solicitors and Pascaldiers & Co Solicitors before establishing Ned Nwoko & Co Solicitors in London which became one of the leading law firms in the United Kingdom. He also has a law firm, Linas International Limited that deals with the management, reconciliation, and verification of foreign debts of third world countries. Ned claims he had practiced as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales. However, some have argued that he cannot be found on the law society database as a registered solicitor in the United Kingdom. 

He was Secretary-General, Nigerian Legal Practitioners UK, and was visiting adviser, citizens’ advice bureau, based in London. 

As Marketing Manager at Exvision Ltd 

He has had the task of identifying possible target markets for services developed strategies to communicate with identified markets, developed and managed marketing plan within budgets, coordinated, supervised, and executed marketing strategies, and plans monitored and analyzed market trends, explored ways for service and profit improvement as well as expansion.

At Woodstock Electronics Limited as Graduate Engineering Trainee

Responsibilities were: Business Development Proposals, Development and Delivery System, Design and Specification Documentation, Schematic and Technical Drawings, Project Management, and Quality Control

As Industrial Trainee at PPC Limited, he provided daily support to field operations and installation team Assist in project management and quality control Documentation, Schematic and Technical Drawings


He returned to Nigeria in December 1998 to contribute to the enthronement of a viable democratic institution in the country following the military disengagement from power, after long years of military dictatorship. 

The famous Nigerian billionaire, lawyer, politician, businessman, and humanitarian Ned Nwoko made a remarkable entry into Nigeria’s political turf when he was elected member of the House of Representatives between 1999 and 2003. He represented Aniocha North-South and Oshimili North-South federal constituency, making an impressive showing in the legislative house. 

Ned Nwoko was part of those instrumental to the initiation of the London and Paris Club Loans into Nigeria. He also charged the Federal government to court on behalf of 774 Local governments for the refund of illegal deductions and obtained a judgment of $3.2billion for the local governments. He authored the reports that led to the Nigerian government’s discontinuation of monthly deductions from states’ allocations and commencement of refunds to States. 

Through his Law firm, Ned Nwoko Solicitors, and his Company, he investigated the multinational creditors and discovered discrepancies in loan repayments, and this resulted in the refund of the first tranches of loan during the Obasanjo administration. 

He also served on the Vision 2010 Committee and a member of the capital market. He served as Chairman of the External Committee of Vision 2010 and also the Chairman of Project Tourism Nigeria.

Ned Nwoko has a wealth of experience in the audiovisual industry in the areas of design and configuration of automation and control systems, both for residential and commercial purposes. He is also effective in project management which has seen him successfully manage several projects across Nigeria and West Africa including an expansion project in northern Nigeria. 

As one who is passionate and committed to the course of growth and impacting positively in any given environment, his excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills have not gone unnoticed as he has been called on at various times to the duties of leadership from project manager during youth service to lead design engineer & project leader for audiovisual expansion projects of over 100 residential housing units. 

He has also served as secretary and quite recently holds the vice chairperson position of a youth group of over 100 persons in a religious organization. He has been and still is a key stakeholder in the restructuring and expansion projects being undertaken by Woodstock Electronics. 

He has an outstanding knowledge of several applications and as a result, is resourceful. Success to him is more about the next and less about the last and with the renewed opportunity presented by life daily, he strives to constantly learn new skills and ways to improve, add value and leave a system better than it was. His professional goals include continual growth in leadership and knowledge, to excel in innovative technology applications, be an exceptional professional, and develop world-class solutions to challenges that cross his path. 

After his representation in the National Assembly, he contested for the governorship of his home state, Delta state but lost the election to James Ibori. He again ran for the Delta North Senatorial seat in April 2011 and lost to Ifeanyi Okowo who is now governor of the state.


Ned Nwoko runs a not-for-profit non-governmental organization that focuses on culture and tourism, sports, and education. Through his foundation, Prince Ned Nwoko Foundation, he has contributed to the empowerment and education of youths of his constituency, senatorial district, and state. In 2019, he donated $273,000 (N100M) for the rehabilitation of failed portions of the road linking South Eastern Nigeria to the nation’s capital, Abuja. In 2019, he pledged the sum of $200,000 (about N71.6m) to UNESCO to support the development of sports in West Africa. On the official page of the organization, it shows that it runs prograammes and activities that include talent hunts, educational funds, youth empowerment programmes among many others.

His other initiatives include Malaria eradication advocacy. Ned Nwoko is a strong advocate of Malaria eradication in Africa. He is the initiator of the Ned Nwoko Malaria Eradication Foundation. In January 2020 he flagged off the Ned Nwoko Malaria Eradication campaign via a symbolic expedition to the Antarctica – South Pole, Antarctica, making him one of a few Nigerians who have ever made it to Antarctica. The Foundation is supporting the existing efforts of vaccine development by funding research for the anti-malaria vaccine through a partnership with leading universities in Africa.

Nwoko is the founder of the tourism destination Mount Delta, one of 21 tourism sites approved by Delta state government. The tourist site consists of a museum, farm, zoo, fishponds, poultry, and a 9-hole golf course.

Personal life

Ned Nwoko is a Muslim and his middle name ‘Munir’ has Islamic origins. It may be seen as rare because the Muslim majority is mostly concentrated in the northern and western regions of Nigeria. Nevertheless, there is also a relatively active community of believers of the Islamic Religion in many parts of southern Nigeria including Delta State where he hails from. Ned Nwoko converted to Islam while he was studying in England but says that he is not religious. According to a statement credited to him in the media, “I am not religious but believe in values and ethos, that is, what should guide everyone’s conscience.” – Premium Times, October 2019. In April 2019, he married Nigerian Nollywood beautiful actress Regina Daniels. It was speculated that the girl who became his sixth wife was 19 at the time. But there is a statement credited to the billionaire where he said Regina Daniels was his fifth wife and not the sixth and that his wife was 22 years old and not as young as speculated. 

The news of his wedding to the teenage actress skyrocket the internet and became very trending news in Nigeria. The duo was in the news for their marriage because of the age difference between the wealthy business cum politician and the Nollywood teenage actress. He was described in the media as a sweet old wine that young Nollywood actress Regina Daniels is sipping happily. The wedding was said to be a secret ceremony and attended by a few family members and friends. While many couldn’t confirm how official the marriage was, the couple attended parties and other social events together. Severally, they also posted pictures of themselves in loving postures. On the 31st of May 2020, Ned announced that he was expecting a baby boy with his new wife.  

It is not certain how many children Ned Nwoko has but there are numerous pictures of Ned Nwoke, Regina Daniels, and two light-skinned girls. Sometimes he also shares photos of his children on Instagram, it is suspected they are the children of Ned from one of his other wives but he never confirmed the total number of his children. Tarik Nwoko was the only child of the billionaire well-known by name. Tarik, a 22-year old whose mother is from Morocco died after some unexplained conditions. He was a law student at the North Staffordshire University in the United Kingdom where he died in his sleep in the early hours of Monday, 8 December 2014. It is unclear who among Ned Nwoko’s wives is the first. But speculations finger Tarik’s mother, Laila Charani to be his first wife.

Apart from his achievement, it seems the billionaire-politician has something for the fair ladies. He is also remarkable for a luxurious lifestyle. He lives in a large house that is on a hill about a thousand feet above sea level. The wondrous mansion sits on large acres of land in his native Idumuje-Ugboko, Aniocha North Local Government Area of Delta State. The eye-popping edifice, nicknamed “Castle in the Air” is a combination of Arabian and Western designs complemented with a royal traditional touch which experts have described as a tourist destination. Close sources said the home has a zoo with many species of wild and weird animals including Crocodiles, Ostriches, Horses, Sea Eagles, Porcupines, Monkeys, Rabbits among others. The other potion of the land has fish ponds that have thousands of Catfish and other species of fishes. 

On the land is also an Olympic-sized swimming pool of Olympic standard and also a table tennis court. The conception that he also owns other homes in several places across Nigeria and abroad may not be disputed. He also has a private jet and numerous luxury cars.

Outside of work, Ned Nwoke is a passionate sports fan who engages in football, basketball, and lawn tennis. He can speak English fluently in addition to the local dialect of Yoruba and Ibo. 

Awards and recognition

  • 2018: Africa Value Awards – Effective Leadership and Youth Empowerment 
  • 2019: Peace Achievers Awards 
  • 2019: Delta Role Model Awards – Humanitarian Services
  • 2019: Prime Excellence Recognition Awards – Man of the year 
  • 2019: Abuja AR Reporters Awards- Man of the year 2019 
  • 2019: Suncity Champions of Democracy Awards – Humanitarian Services 
  • 2019: 5 Stars awards for Tourism Development in Africa
  • 2019: University of Nigeria, Nsukka Nigeria Philanthropy Awards 
  • 2019: Anti-corruption Crusader Awards
  • 2019: All Africa Music Awards AFRIMMA – Africa Community Impact Awards

Ned Nwoko is widely portrayed as benevolent. Many reports indicate that he has assisted all sorts of persons and is ever approachable. He has won the heart of his kinsmen, hence the title of “Great Prince of Anioma” nation by four kingdoms in his home state – Delta. They include Ezi, Ugbodu, Ubulu-Okiti, and Ute-Ogbeje. The award of an honorary doctorate on Ned Nwoko on 26 April 2019, by the Federal University of Petroleum, Delta State, is said to be an acknowledgment of his great philanthropy, service, and integrity.   

The last line

One thing is certain; in the philanthropic activities of Ned Nwoko, he has incredibly displayed that he is grateful to God and the society that has helped him chat a path to success. Not so many rich people in the society would give back the much he has done. He also seems to be determined. These no doubt makes his story remarkable and to be emulated.