Pastor Bimbo Odukoya also known as “Pastor Bims or Bimbo”(Née Abimbola Rosemary Segun-Williams) hails from Ogun State, South West Nigeria, was born on September 12, 1960. Until her death, she was a Nigerian pastor and televangelist who married to the founder of the Fountain of Life Church, Taiwo Odukoya.

Pastor Abimbola Odukoya, a Co-Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church, Lagos, Nigeria, was the President of Single and Married. Through that ministry, she was able to touch a critical social need. She was widely acclaimed for preparing youths and couples for fulfilled and lasting relationships. Her popular TV programme Single & Married a broadcast on several stations across Africa, Canada, and the United Kingdom enjoyed a wide audience. She was also the Chairperson of Discovery for Women, a ministry dedicated to challenging, motivating, and empowering women in their roles as wives, mothers, and leaders. 

Pastor Abimbola Rosemary Odukoya understood that single life is an exciting phase of life, but it may never be fully appreciated until it’s over. She knew also that it is the time that the singles could develop their talents and get better, get rid of bad habits and attitudes. She realized how most single youth, men, and women could spend time and effort to manage their status. In most cases, they do not appreciate their single status and make an unholy attempt to attain marital status. 

How such decisions could determine their happiness in the future was a concern for Pastor Abimbola. For her, how they spend their lives as singles determine the kind of future they will have – as a wife/husband, as a father/mother, as an in-law, etc. 

She counselled a lot of single people and found that many of them are in certain conditions as a result of the poor choices they made. She was able to document some of their stories so that others may learn from their mistakes. She ministered on practically every Nigerian university and polytechnic campus, in addition to running regular columns in several newspapers and magazines. She received numerous awards for her contributions to the society before her call to glory in December 2005 and has continued to receive posthumous awards. 

For those reading this piece and many others that chronicles the legacies, life, and times of Pastor Abimbola Rosemary Odukoya – what inspired her, the values she esteemed, and the passion through which she was able to carry out the work that God destined for her and the real-life stories of people whose lives she impacted. it should inspire them to touch lives in the many ways they can.  

Undoubtedly, the world will become better as it’s, should many people as possible are infected with the same passion and enthusiasm that Bimbo stood for all through her life. 

Early Life and Education, Ministry and Career

She had her primary education at St Mary’s private school and secondary school education at Holy Child College, Lagos respectively. She did her ‘A’ levels at Federal Government College Ijanikin before proceeding to the University of Ibadan where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History and Archaeology, where she gave her life to Christ in 1978. She then began her career at the National Theatre in Lagos.

After graduation, she worked as a curator in the cultural arts department of the National Arts Theatre during her National Youth Service scheme where she was retained as a permanent staff in the centre for black Arts and culture (CBAAC) she worked there for seven years. She soon resigned to minister full-time.

Pastor Bimbo, after she graduated from the University of Ibadan, met her husband Pastor Taiwo Odukoya in 1979 courted with him for five years and got married, “as a virgin” in 1984 and they had three children Tolu Odukoya, (Pastor) Jimmy Odukoya and Tobi Odukoya.

From 1987 to 1999, she served as the head of the counselling department at the TREM under the direction of Bishop Mike Okonkwo.

As a prolific writer, author, and columnist, Pastor Bimbo Odukoya had regular columns in various international and national newspapers and magazines such as City People, Leadership and Lifestyle Magazine (U.K) amongst many others. Bimbo was a national and international conference speaker. She was the author of the book “How To Choose A Life Partner, 165 Questions To Ask”.

Pastor Bimbo Odukoya was also the Chairperson of Discovery for Women

Pastor Bimbo Odukoya was one of the three people chosen by Samsung (official sponsors of the 2004 Olympic games) to represent Nigeria in carrying the Olympic Torch in Athens, Greece at the 2004 Olympic games.

Other things to know about her

Pastor (Mrs) Bimbo Odukoya was a Life Fellow and Grand Patron of the Chartered Institute of Corporate Management, Fellow of the Certified Directors Institute Fellow of the Institute of Corporate Managers & Public Administrators of Nigeria. Fellow of the Strategic Finance and Administrative Institute.

Awards, Honours, Laurels, and Recognitions

Bimbo was a receiver of over 60 national and international awards for her contributions to nation-building, the development of her country, Nigeria, and the West Africa sub-region, and for leadership as a woman of high moral standards and a role model to many. A writer, a popular televangelist, highly sought conference speaker, youth mentor, and marriage counsellor.

The many international and national awards received by Pastor Bimbo Odukoya during her lifetime and posthumously include and are not limited to:

A Doctor of Philosophy degree in Public Administration from the Evangel Christian University Monroe, Louisiana, USA (Africa Campus)

African Virtuous and Entrepreneurial Women Merit Award 2005 presented by African Biographical Network in recognition of her achievements and contribution to nation-building, leadership development, and selfless service to humanity in Africa and the world.

An honorary Professional Doctorate Fellowship Award from The Chartered Institute of Corporate Management.

An honorary appointment on the Professional Advisory Board of the American Biographical Institute.

An honorary Doctorate in Philanthropic Management from the United Christian University, Denton, North Carolina, USA.

Association of Missionary Evangelists of Nations Award 2004 for her outstanding achievements in Ministry

Award of Excellent Corporate Directorship 2005 presented by the Certified Directors Institute in recognition of her outstanding performance in management and administration.

Brigadier General Award 2005 presented by The Chaplains Fellowship of Nigeria Inc.

Distinguished Alumni Award 2001 presented by The Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, the University of Ibadan for her outstanding achievement in religion.

‘Deborah’ Leadership Award, 2002 presented by the Singles Fellowship of The Fountain of Life Church in recognition of her motherly love, mentorship, and encouragement to singles all over the world.

Dayspring Excellence/Vision Award 2005 as a distinguished motivator and role model presented by Dayspring Ministries.

Excellent Leadership Award 2004 presented by The Chartered Institute of Corporate Management in recognition of her managerial capability leadership style, quality, and contributions to socio-economic development and growth in the country.

Expert in Youth Development Award 2005 presented by the International Biographical College (a subsidiary of Levites Christian University).

Fellow of the Command Award 2004 (FCFN. Hons) by Chaplain Fellowship of Nigeria incorporated in recognition of her outstanding contribution to humanity and expectation of her continued benevolence.

FMFI South African Award 2004 for youth empowerment

Gold Award 2004 by the council of Fellows Institute of Business Administration and Management Science in recognition of her highly and excellently effective professional-managerial capabilities and executive charisma in the administration and management of corporate resources.

Good Ambassador of Family Award 2003 presented by Family Life Organisation in recognition of the Single and Married programme, which is helping to restore family values.

Honorary Diplomat of AGGSODEV in Africa 2005 presented by the Agency for Good Governance & Social Development.

Leadership Award 2002 presented by the Archaeology and Anthropology Students Association of the University of Ibadan in recognition of her distinguished leadership role in Nigeria.

Merit Award presented to Pastor Bimbo Odukoya (Single & Married) by NTA 2 Channel 5 as the Best Independent producer in the year 2001.

Ogun State Female Achievers “Pillar of Hope 2004” Award presented by Fame weekly magazine.

Paragon of Sexual Purity Award 2003 presented by Paragons of Virtue International.

Patriotic Achiever’s Award 2004 by Franolly Incorporated in recognition of her consistent loyalty and patriotism to our great country Nigeria.

FAME Pastoral Honour 2004 presented in recognition of her contributions to evangelization. Post-Humous Award presented by Colostrum International, NGO on a breastfeeding project, in recognition of the passion that shaped her vision to model the universal family as a unit of nations.

Post-Humous Award for Excellence presented by Treasure Vault Integrated Services Nigeria Ltd in recognition and appreciation of her commitment to the inculcation of godly virtues in youths and the social development of the family institution through the Single & Married programme.

Fame Achievers Post Humours Award presented by Fame weekly magazine for the sustenance of marriage in the Nigerian society.

Purple Lifetime Heroine Award presented by the Purple Ball Award

Society Role Model and Achievers Gold Award 2004 presented by African Women Development Centre for her outstanding accomplishments,

achievement, performance, good governance and community development

The Female Achiever Award in the Religion sector 2001 presented by The City People Group

The Nigerian Woman of the Year Award in the category of Role Model and Inspiration.

The Outstanding Young Persons of Nigeria Award 2000 presented by the Junior Chambers International, in recognition of her exemplary Moral and Environmental Leadership.

Christian Missionary Fund Award in recognition of her service in the ministry.

The University of Ibadan Christian Students Award 2002 presented in appreciation of her enormous impact on their lives.

TREM (The Redeemed Evangelical Mission) Award 1998 in recognition of her faithfulness, and commitment, dedication, and continuation in the ministry.

The Emotan Award 2002 presented by African Independent Television (AIT) in celebration of feminine virtues.

The Most Visible Home Builder Award 2004 presented in due recognition of her outstanding effort and contribution to the development of marital counseling by the Department of Guidance and Counselling, University Of Ibadan.

Women Achievers Award 2005 presented by the Christian Association of Nigeria (Lagos State Chapter).

Woman of the year 2005 Post Humours Award presented by the Christian organization for Renewal and Development in recognition of her foremost youth renewal counselling and as a role model for excellence in public life in Nigeria.

Pastor Bimbo Odukoya’s Death

She died as a result of the Sosoliso Airlines Flight 1145 crash. Pastor Bimbo Odukoya boarded Sosoliso Airlines Flight 1145, bound for Port Harcourt from Abuja on the 10th of December 2005. The airliner crashed during landing at Port Harcourt International Airport; she survived the initial impact and later died from injuries on the 11th of December 2005.

It’s been fifteen years since the world lost the heroic woman, Pastor Abimbola Odukoya in the Sosoliso plane crash. But the good news is that she left one thing that will not crash. Through her service to humanity, she has left indelible marks and history will ever be kind to her.

 In 2015 there was a memorial service to celebrate the giant stride and lofty works of late preacher and marriage counsellor, Pastor Bimbo Odukoya. The event was to honour and pay tributes to her on the 10th anniversary of her death. Her husband and senior pastor of the Fountain of Life Church, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, siblings and other clerics paid tributes to the televangelist amid tears as memories of a loving soul, Pastor Abimbola Rosemary Odukoya, and the tragedy of the Sosoliso airplane crash that gave her life to the cold hands of death fill the space. 

Nevertheless, Bimbo’s three children, Toluwani Ijogun, Olujimi, and Tobiloba Odukoya praised her glowingly; they appreciated God for the legacies their iconic mother has set for the world. The memories of Pastor Abimbola Rosemary Odukoya will indeed last long in the minds of many because of the footpath she has created.