Prof. Ruth Wazis: A Cerebral Marketing Expert


Mrs. Ruth Haruna Wazis, was appointment as Lecturer II by the University of Maiduguri (UniMaid) immediately after her graduation from her master’s degree programme. In 1992, she was lifted to the rank of Lecturer I and was appointed as the Coordinator of Postgraduate Diploma in Management in 1993. She held the post for 10 years. In 2003, she felt the need to become computer literate and this led her to obtain a Certificate in Ms-Office from Kwari Computer Academy in Maiduguri. Between 2004 and 2008, she has been Head of Department of Business Management, and Deputy Dean, Faculty of Management Sciences. She is a marketing expert and has impacted many students with practical knowledge of marketing. Her taste for knowledge kept on expanding. As a woman determined for more, she enrolled at the Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto where she obtained a Ph.D in Management Studies in 2008.

Ruth was born on January 12, 1960, at Gashaka in Hong Local Government Area of Adamawa State. She began her primary school education in 1967 at Bangshika. After her primary five in 1971, she was transferred to St Patrick’s Primary School in Maiduguri. This school is now known as Kirikasama Primary; a change which came after the government took it over in the 80’s.

Academic Journey

Ruth enrolled in primary six at the Maiduguri primary school in 1972, and in June 1973, she wrote her common entrance examination. She excelled brilliantly and was invited to attend interview at Federal Government College, Maiduguri. Her performance during the interview was exceptional, and was offered admission to Federal Government College, Odogbolu, in Ogun State. Here, she played basketball for the state, and also had the opportunity of visiting all the states capitals of Nigeria for Inter State Games for Federal Government Colleges.

Today, Ruth is a Professor of Business Management at the Department of Marketing, UniMaid.  After her secondary school, she gained admission into the same university and later graduated with a B.Sc. in Business Management in 1983. She did her NYSC at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital in the Stores and Purchases Department. In 1985 she got a contract appointment for three years with the Borno State Civil Service and was posted to teach at Government Girls College, Maiduguri. In 1987, she applied for a postgraduate Diploma in Education at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and got the admission. She had to travel down to Zaria to begin her programme during summer of the same year. Ruth completed this programme the following year after her contract with the Borno Civil Service ended. Not relenting in her academic pursuits, Ruth went on to register for her MBA in the same university. She was offered admission and graduated with a Master’s in Business Administration in 1990.


In 2009, Ruth moved to Adamawa State University for a one-year Sabbatical, after which she was appointed as a Visiting Lecturer at American University of Nigeria, Yola in August 2010. She was also a Visiting Lecturer at Yobe State University, Damaturu. In 2014,she was given a visiting appointment at the University of Jos with the task of helping the institution establish a Marketing Department. With the approval of her Vice Chancellor she accepted the new challenge. The first batch of graduates from the department has completed their one year NYSC. A postgraduate programme for the Marketing department is underway. Six years after, Ruth went for another Sabbatical in 2016. This time around, it was at the Department of Business Administration, Nasarawa State University in Keffi.  During her stay at the university, she taught undergraduate students Marketing Management and properly guided the postgraduate students, teaching them International Marketing and Conflict Resolution and Diversity Management.


In 2017, Ruth Wazis was uplifted to the pinnacle of a Professor of Business Management with specialisation in Marketing. Prof Wazis has scholarly publications in local, national and international journals. She is the author of the following books, Marketing Management Multiple Choice Questions and Answers, Strategic Marketing of Health Services in Nigeria.

Other publications include, R.H. Wazis (1996): Leadership Role in Borno Post-Primary Schools: Annals of Borno Vol. 11/12 pp: 43-49; Dr. Sunday. S. Ifah and Mrs. Ruth Wazis (1998) Problems and Contributions of female micro enterprises operators in Maiduguri and Damaturu. Monograph No. 31. ISBN 978-336-673-4; R.O. Folorunso and R. H. Wazis [2005] Marketing of Vegetables in Semi-Arid Borno State, Nigeria- African Journal of Management.Vol.1 77-84; Mrs. Ruth HarunaWazis and Aitiya Wazis: (2006): Industrial Organisation and Presentation of Corporate Image. A tool for organisation effectiveness.Journal of Social and Management.Sahel Analyst. Vol.8 NO.1 July 2006. Pages 63-68; J.J. Adefila, Mr. EmekaEne and Mrs. R.H.Wazis (2006); Fraud; its Nature, Detection, Preventions and Control. Journal of Arid Zone Economy.Vol.7 No.1.Pg 49-63; Dr. R.H. Wazis& R.O. Folorunso (2007) Marketing of Groundnuts in Hong Local Government Area of Adamawa State. Journal of Arid Zone Economy.Pg 91-98; and Professor Dahiru H. Balamiand Dr.[Mrs.] Ruth HarunaWazis [2007]  An Application of Real Cost as  a performing indicator to public sector enterprise; A case study of Borno Express Corporation. Journal of Arid Zone Economy Vol.9.No.1December 2007 Pg 84-90.

Others are, Dr. AbdulsalamDaudaand Dr.Ruth HarunaWazis [2007] Impediments to Effective use of Information Technology among Banks in Nigeria, Sahel Analyst Vol.9No.1December 2007. Pg 43-50. Journal of Social and Management Sciences; Dr. Sylvester Orsaah and Dr. [Mrs.] Ruth Wazis [2007] A Comparative Evaluation of Nigerian Free Trade Zones; Can Targeted Marketing Communications make the Difference? Sahel Analyst Vol. 9 No.1. Journal of Management Sciences. Pg 51-64; Dr. (Mrs.) Ruth HarunaWazis and Dr. E.O.Oni (2007). Consumer attitude towards Television Sport Marketing.(A case study of Nigerian Football Federation.)Adamawa Business Journal.Vol. 2. No. 1 January 2007. Pg 22-29; Dr. (Mrs.) Ruth HarunaWazis (2007) .Consumer  Behaviour in Brand Choice of Toilet Soap.  Adamawa Business Journal Vol.2.No.1 January 2007. Pg.77—81; AbdulsalamDauda and R.H. Wazis. (2008). Information Technology Investments and Deposit Base of Nigerian Banks; An Analytical Investigation. Journal of Arid Zone Economy.Vol.9.No. 2. June 2008.Pg123 -129; Sylvester Orsaah and R.H. Wazis (2008) An Assessment of Impact of GSM on Sales of Seasonal Cards in Benue State. Journal of Arid Zone Economy.Vol. 9.No.2. June 2008. Pg 165 -172; Oni. E.O., AdefilaJ.J..andWazis  R. (2008) . Resource Based Theory; The Perception of Entrepreneurs. Sahel Analyst Vol.10.No. 1. July, 2008. Journal of The Faculty of Social and Management Sciences; AbdulsalamDauda and R. H. Wazis. (2008) Impact of Bank Consolidation in Nigeria; A Critical Analysis. Sahel Analyst July.2008. Journal of The Faculty of Social and Management Sciences; Veronica Ndubuisi (Mrs.) and Dr. (Mrs.) Ruth H. Wazis. (2008). Effect of Socio-Economic Influence on Customer Banks Selection.Adamawa Journal of Management and Decision Analysis. Vol. No. 1. January, 2008. Pg.60-63; and Ruth HarunaWazis (PH.D) (2008).  Marketing Management; Multiple Choice. Questions and Answers Book.ISBN.978-38055-4-1.

Equally on the long list are, Abdulsalam O. Daud; MustaphNamakkaTukur and MrsWazis Ruth Haruna (2009).Entrepreneurship Development Schemes. Job Creation and Poverty Reduction in Sokoto State; An evaluation of Youth empowerment programme and Women Development Centre in Sokoto. A book chapter in, READINGS IN MANAGEMENT STUDIES, Vol 2, may 2009. Pg 41-58     Published by Faculty of Management Sciences UsmanuDanfodiyio University, Sokoto; Ruth HarunaWazis and AitiyaWazis Effects of Social Network on Marketing of Goods and Services; ( A case study of University Maiduguri Campus, Nigegeria.) International Journal,; Journal of Marketing and Consumer Research. Vol.24. 2016. Page 125-130; Dr (Mrs) Ruth HarunaWazis .MobayoOlusegunTemitope and IliyaUsmana.MarketingStrategies ; Impact on Banking Industry( A case study of  Fidelity of Bank of Nigeria Plc,)Vol.26.,2016 page 23—30. International  journal. Journal of Marketing and Consumer Research; Ruth HarunaWazis, PhD;  Marketing of Social Services. An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of HIV/AIDS campaign programmes in the North Eastern Nigeria.  The Nigeria Journal of Management Research.Volume 6.NO1. March, 2016. Pages 130-136..Apublication of the Department of Business Administration, University of Jos; Ruth HarunaWazis PhD (2014) Strategic Marketing of Health Services in   Nigeria. Skisoft Publishing Co. Kaduna, Nigeria.ISBN 978-978-48224-2-8; Dr (Mrs) Ruth HarunaWazis,Dr. Yagana Imam and Abubakar Musa Gassol. ; Strategies for winning Customer in a Competitive market environment. ( A case study of MTN Nigeria Ltd ). International Journal of Management and Economics Invention. Vol.2 Issue 09 pages 1023-1029. Sept, 2016 ISSN (e) 2395-7220; Dr (Mrs) Ruth HarunaWazis, Sara Aji and IliyaUsmana.; The Impact of ICT on marketing of communication services ( a case study of MTN Maiduguri. Nigeria) International Journal of Management and Economics Invention. Vol.2, Issue 09 pages 1030-1038, sept,2016. ISSN (e); Dr (Mrs) Ruth HarunaWazis,DrYagana Imam and Mohammed Kashim.  Decision making as a tool for Organisatinal  Development. ( a case study of Borno State High Court of Justice Maiduguri.) International  Journal ; European journal of Business and Management. Page 85-93. ISSN 222.1905 ( Paper) ISSN 2222-2839 ( on line)  Vol.. 8,No.26,2016; YaganaBabakura Imam, Ruth HarunaWazis and UmmaAliyu Mani; and Analyses of Market Structure of Cowpea in Producer, Wholesaler and Retailer Markets of Borno State of Nigeria .Journal of Management Studies.Vol.11(2) September,  2016 papes 260—272.

Professional Membership & Faculty/Department Seminars   

Prof Wazis is Chartered Member Nigerian Institute of Management. CMNIM, Fellow Nigerian Institute of Marketing in Nigeria. FNIMN, and Inducted Member, the Academy of Management Nigeria. Some of her seminar papers are, Wazis Ruth H., (1991). The Manipulation of the Various Factors within the Work Environment for Effective Performance of Subordinates; Wazis Ruth H., (1993). Analysing Competitors for Successful Business Operation; Wazis Ruth H., (1994). Identifying Segment Selecting Target Market and Developing Position for Successful Business; Wazis Ruth H., (1994). AnalysingConsumer Market and Buyer Behaviour; Wazis Ruth H., (1994). Analysing Marketing; Workshop paper; Wazis Ruth H., (1996). Industrial Sales Promotion: A Toll for Effective and Efficient Executive of a Company’s Marketing Strategy; Wazis Ruth H., (1996). Product Design.; Workshop paper; Wazis Ruth H., ( 1996). Process Planning; Workshop paper; Wazis Ruth H., (1998). Sources of Short Term Financing of Commercial Bank; and j.Wazis Ruth H. (2002) Teaching and Resarch Methods.               

She has attended top-rated conferences including, National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria on The Requirement for Synergy between the theory and Practice of Marketing in Nigeria at Centre for Management Development , Shangisha, Lagos  08th—09th December 2004; National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria on BRAND MANAGEMENT at Hamdala Hotel Kaduna 24th –25th 2005; Academy of Management Nigeria. In Kano 2007; International Conference on Research and Development University of Ghana Accra, Ghana. 2008; Academy of Management Nigeria.  Nile University Abuja 2018; Conference on The Book Publishing Process; An Elesvier Author Workshop.01 June, 2020; and Conference on The Book Publishing Process; An Elesvier Author Workshop. 03 June, 2020.

Committee Services

While Ruth is a member of Social Committee On Leakages between university of Maiduguri and Germany, Entertainment Committee on 22nd – 25th   and fortieth convocation of UniMaid 2016, and Entertainment Committee of UniMaid Convocation 2017, she also serves as Staff Adviser of Marketing Students Association 1998, Marketing Students Association 1999; Patron Girls brigade of Nigeria Borno 2010 –date; member Women Fellowship English CocinKirikasama; NUC Accreditation to LEAD CITY University Ibadan 2019; NUC Accreditation BSC Marketing in  National Open University Abuja 2019; NUC Accreditation for MSC Marketing  University of Lagos  2019; and NUC Resource verification for BSC Business Administration at Federal University Lafiya, Nasarawa State. 2019

Academic Responsibilities

Coordinator-post-graduate Diploma in Management 1993 – 2003; Supervision of Business 499 Projects; Supervision of PGDM Projects [BUD .699]; Supervision of MBA Projects [BUS .799]; Supervision of M.SC Projects [BUS.-799]; Supervision of Ph.D   Projects [BUS.-899]; Ph.D Graduated Student 2011 YaganaBabakura Imam (PGA/04/06769) Title: Analysis of Marketing Power and Conflicts in the channels of Distribution of Cowpea in Borno State; Ph.D Oral Examination took place on the 18 of August 2014 of my Student in respect of Benson Ogbemudia PGA/04/06708 and have Graduated. Title: An Assessment of Factors Militating Against the Performance of some selected small and medium scale enterprises, in Maiduguri Metropolitan AreaBorno State, Nigeria

Prof Wazis who has been external examiner to many higher institutions in Nigeria, is the recipient of these Awards: Award of Merit for Transforming hard work and perseverance into the prestigious academic advancement; Award of Excellence for Academic Achievement by Association of Business Management Students Excos 2008; Award by the Nigerian Universities Association of Businiess Management Students 2009/2010 awarded her MOTHER OF THE YEAR; Award by the Nigerian Universities Association of Businiess Management Students 2010/2011 awarded her MOTHER OF THE YEAR; Award of Excellence presented to her by Masters in Health Planning and Management 2013/2014; Award of Appreciation for BEST LECTURER in the Department of Marketing. Excos 2017/2018; and Award by HUBA Youths, For Development; For Meritorious Academic Excellence & Attainment of the rank of Professor of Business Management. 26th December,2019.