The Selection Process

In March 2019, a group of experts that comprised members of the academia, media, politics, the military, and some elder-statesmen were part of those who either vetted or recommended the names of numerous Nigerians they considered worthy to be included in the Nation Builders at 60 compendium.

The Committee tried its possible best to see that every nook and cranny of Nigeria, or at the least every region, and religion is fairly represented in the shortlist. Nevertheless, attention was devoted to competence, contribution to national development, obstacles surmounted by the individual, and track record.

A total of ninety-seven names were either recommended or submitted to the Committee but somewhere dropped to reflect the Federal Character of Nigeria. There are instances where some individuals have to be dropped because of criminal convictions or monumental allegations of corruption and mismanagement of public resources entrusted to them.

It was a very rigorous exercise but the Committee was able to come up with a list that was acceptable to Nigerians although it was cumbersome getting enough women on board.

Recommendations to the Federal Government

It is hoped that some of the 60 eminent Nigerians will be considered for the National Honours of Commander of the Order of the Niger, and Commander of the Federal Republic.

The Advisory Board strongly recommends that the 60 eminent Nigerians be constituted into a national think tank to help in the development of Nigeria. They can serve as Nigeria’s Council of Foreign Relations or The Bilderbergs.

The 60 eminent Nigerians must strive to see that they groom others because they must pass their knowledge and experience to other Nigerians.


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